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Maya Owner
1. The best advice of lolita style, which ever you receive??
Take a dump in the bath
2. Yours idol of style.
Kirk Johnson
3. Describe your own style.
4. Your favorite designers or brands
Big Bon
5. Bestest thing, which you wanna have in your wardrobe.
Sh*ting dick nipples
6. Most usable stuff
7. I feel even better, when i dress....
8. First thing, when i look up on lolita costume....
9. Rule of loli-style, which you never broke up
Don't go on the street without boner
10. Thing, which you are never dress up on you
Rick Astley Trousers
11. Suit up to impress.... who??
Barak Obama
12. Next "must have" part of your wardrobe
Rosie 'o Donell's vagoo
13. Favorite head dress
14. Favorite type of wear cut
Are you stupid?
15. Current hobbie
Balls itching, slut punching, diving
16. The best advice about loli-fashion, which you colud be givin'
Don't dump into a bath